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Today I am Gonna Talk About The Grand Theft Auto 5 for Android. It's Not The Real One. It's Just A Fandmade Verison Maded By Fatih Can. This Fanmade Version is much Better than the older version as it have some extra features which can't be included in the previous one. As Here are some Following Features of This Beta or Fanmade Version for Android.

Overview : Grand Theft Auto 5 Beta Version is just a try to re-create the real Grand Theft Auto 5 Which is Just Launched for PC and PS4 Consoles. That's Why Fatih Can and R-User Games has created a Fanmade Version to meet the expectations of Android Gamers. Really I Appreciate Their Work. They Really Work So Hard to re-create this awesome game for Android Devices. If We Talk About The Officials Rockstar Games, They Doesn't Announced Anything about the GTA 4 or GTA 5 in Android Devices and I Don't Think so its Possible to Play Grand Theft Auto 4 or 5 in Android Devices Because of Some Following Reasons

√ Less Compatiblity for Mobile
√ Not so Optimized
√ High Graphical Resources
√ Bigger Size
√ Huge Things to Render

This is the Basic Reasons Through Grand Theft Auto 5 Never Developed for Android. But You Can Enjoy It's Fanmade Version by R-User Games. So Must Check This Out and For Video Tutorial and Gameplay. You can SUBSCRIBE our Channel on YouTube ;)

1. Ultra Realistic Graphics : This GTA 5 Beta provides you a much Higher and Smoother Graphical Experience to the Player. This Beta takes approx 7 - 8 Months to be getting ready to meet the Android Gamers Expectations.

2. Optimised for Low Devices : Previous Fanmade Version for Android requires a lots of Resources to achieve a smoother experience and gameplay. But This Fanmade Version doesn't require a heavy usage. You can run this game in following specification

RAM : 2GB or More
Processor : 1.5Ghz or Faster
Space Required : 400MB Maximum

3. Huge Map to Explore : In This Game, You Got a Huge Map To Explore and Lots of Things to do like Racing, Running, Dancing etc,. In This Game Time Cycle will be added means Weather will change throughout the time. This Thing is one of the best features in this Game.

4. Better Textures : This Game Contains much higher txd files compared to the previous one. This Game Texture Rendering is much higher and faster than previous fanmade version. So Must Download and Check This Game.

> Installation 
1. Download The APK File by Clicking on Download Button.
2. Turn ON the Unknown Resource Installation from Security Section.
3. Then Install The APK (You Have Downloaded)
4. Open The Game and Enjoy :)

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Hope This Article Help You To Download and Enjoy This Game!

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